Messing with the enviroment

You can play with quite a lot of things in Second Life which is really cool..
It goes for quite a lot of detail on how much you can affect and how much you want to affect it. We got a bit giddy on this and started to get people whilst they where stood still and edit the enviroment, mainly the ground.
As you can see from the screenshot the whole ground has been lifted and lowed and all sorts, I haven’t got the right tool on though. If you take a look at the top right hand corner where an options bar has appeared, its the bulldozer on the right of the options along the top.

It’s really useful for obviously affecting the area to someones needs, for example if you needed a hilly area and you could always create snow or another element from simple shapes and textures. But I really want to see whether you can form caves or create caverns using these sort of tools or how you would go around doing so. It may be a case of having to create caves by using simple shapes and textures again, I’ll just have to play around with that.

With this screenshot you can see that in the top right I’ve used a drop box which allows the user to edit the ‘world’ you’re in. This is just showing the simple use of being able to edit the view of the time within the world. Within Second Life days go by as usual and the sun sets and rises at its own time, but you can change what time it is and where the sun is with sunrise, midday, sunset, etc.

These options are the more extreme versions of the quick time editor/choice for the sun. These go from the enviroment editor to sky editor and then water editor. These allow the person to really go to town with the enviroment, allowing to them to change the apperence completely from colour, to brightness and to even affect time. This is great for machinima purposes or even if you want to set a certain mood, creating and editing an enviroment is one thing but when you can control the feeling of the world itself, it can set a whole other mood.
Definalty need to play with these more….


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