What are you Renderman?!

“RenderMan has helped visual effects artists bring some of the most memorable images of the last twenty years to movie audiences all over the globe. This has contributed to the amazing success and exponential growth of the worldwide visual effects industry and raised the standards of our craft’s technological aspects in every area.”

Jeff Barnes
Visual Effects Society

“Pixar’s RenderMan has been specifically engineered to meet the demanding challenges of rendering 3D animation and visual effects. This means RenderMan is fast, efficient, and able to handle an astonishing amount of geometric complexity along with offering cutting-edge effects. Critically, Pixar’s RenderMan has been developed to deliver outstanding imagery during the stresses of real-world productions. This means that in your own 3D work, you can trust that RenderMan is ready for the job … with not only outstanding features, but the power to deliver.”

I see it and hear about it all the time now, epsecially with Pixar; but I never knew what it was… So what I’ve learned so far,
Renderman is Pixar’s, developed and used by.
Many many companies and people now use Renderman as it has become industry standard for VFX.
It’s won plenty of awards! And been used in many movies and shorts.
It’s practically one giant program used to render a 3D object or image sequence which allows more quality and faster speed.
It brings us closer to the ‘un-canny valley’ with it’s progression in shading and lighting.
It allows the animator/user to have a larger grasp over what can be tweeked and pinched.
A larger control over all the little details we see in animated movies today.

It make’s more sense if you look at the things it does…
Here’s it’s features just click on one of those links in the website. It’s amazing stuff which I may one day be able to experience and learn about, it looks really fun and interesting but a lot of work.

All that chatter was taken from Pixar’s website which then links to this one which speaks specifically about Renderman.
Click the link HERE to check it out!


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