Headless are actual legends!

As you know from previous ramblings, I have been in contact (or atleast trying to get in contact with!) with various companies. Thankfully two or three have replied out of the many I’ve sent.

Having already gone and ‘pestered’ them already I went ahead and sent another email to Headless Productions…
Being a very slim chance I thought I’d ask for there help once again just for a bit more detail because I was going through a really confused phase as to how these people seem to pull off such beautiful animations!
So I went all out and asked a for some more detail on the previous email, it took a few more days than last time but I’m so glad they replied again. It clarified a lot though for me as well as being interesting, I guess it’s all down to hard grafting now! As well as the fact I really do need to learn about After Affects and get to grips with Final Cut more.

Here’s the email, enjoy!


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