Can’t sit around any longer…

Seeing as the emails have pretty much failed, I believe, I think it’s fair to say that there’s no company that’s really going to take up the time to let me be within their studios. It’s been a few days since I sent the emails out to a various few companies and, apart from Headless who where kind enough to reply the first time, I guess it’s time to just go visit them! As well as the fact that Headless are based in Barcelona…. it’d make a great reason to go on holiday though! Really want to visit.

Once I have left my current job I think I’ll be going into these companies as much as possible, without being annoying!
I think at the current state I’m in with the lack of knowledge and, I believe, I’m pretty far behind in terms of skill too, the best option for me is to just go in and ask… the worst thing they can do is say no. Some good advice was given to me about it all and I think they’ll be much more likely to be interested in just showing me around if I’m there, especially if I appear fairly regularly!

Hopefully this will go well…


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