Animation revolution or innovation to destruction..

Everyone’s gotten to love the advancements on the things we see around us, especially with the internet and it just doesn’t stop.
Aside from the whole ‘the worlds changing crazy quick!’ thing… animation has taken many different steps.
It’s evolved and people have and are constantly making new ways to animate and make amazing short/full length films which really capture ones imagination.
But, the issue with this is that people don’t seem to care about many of the principles and the tradtional way in which animation comes around. Strictly speaking I’m on about 2D animation here where it takes a long time and dedication to produce a really beautiful piece of animation…
Not that I am having a go at any other form of animation as well as it being just enjoyed no matter how you create it.
The thing that’s worrying but still interesting is things like ‘Go! Animate’ and other new animation web based software. These webistes allow users to create animations using pre-built sets, characters and other items; it allows you to type in what you want the animation to say as well as allowing you to move the characters. Of course this is all very limited with what they can do, but this is fine by all means for something to have fun with and for someone to even learn certains parts of animation on. But, I think, it’s a little worrying at how some people may think its so easy and lose that appreciation that they once had to animation. When it can be so easily ‘churrned’ out does it not lose that passion and hard graft that created it, it completely loses that personal touch as well as making other animations just seem almost ‘unconvienient’ or less special. Maybe I’m just going crazy and going off on one, but I believe it’s something that people should always remember, how special a piece of animation is when it’s done with the care and attention the creators give it…


I guess it’s on some other creative’s mind’s though…


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