Emailing Game Developers in Leeds

I thought I might as well get off my ass and get something done about what I want to do with myself.
So far I’ve decided to focus myself and get on with trying to build up a respectable portfolio, this means I need to go threw everything and look at what I think is good enough because not all of it is. I need to improve a lot of stuff anyway because I can do better…

I’ve sent out some emails to various game companies within Leeds and will most likely carry on sending out more emails a bit further out on a later date.
I had mainly asked them if I could just see what its like to be within that industry wether its some form of work experience or even just a show around… baby steps.
Hopefully I’lll get a reply but who knows…

I also got in contact with Headless again about animation because I really want to get into but I just don’t fully understand what people do these days and what’s the best ways around it so hopefully get a reply from them soon too.


2 thoughts on “Emailing Game Developers in Leeds

  1. So i’m 15, but i have tons of gaming ideas. I also have tons of my own drawings. Anime drawings, i want be a game creater. I was just wondering is there a way i can do this at 15? I’m sure if someone important saw my ideas they’d agree and want to invest in my ideas…anyways thank you.

    • Hey! Sorry for the late reply!
      I wouldn’t say I’m the best person to speak to about future plans and such but I’ll just say what I think…
      It’s good to keep drawing and always draw because it’s all about building your own style and analysing everything around you all the time.
      As someone who works for Disney said “Draw for yourself and not others” remember that one.
      Anime/Manga style drawing is a very speicific area and style of drawing so becareful but I guess if you can do it well then why not!
      Companies may see you as too young at the moment but I’m sure if you keep asking people, emailing and visiting studios and try to build some sort of network then you’ll be well set up for when the time comes that you can show someone these ideas.
      Hope I’ve helped! Good luck with it all.

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