Spline Doctors

Great website formed up by a bunch of animators from Pixar ‘Animators by day… teachers by night.’
A lot of great notes, information and general knowledge that’s deffinatly going to come in handy for anyone looking into the 3D, animation or even film practices.


One of the ‘Doctors’ Andrew Gordon, whom I actually linked the website from, I started to search on Twitter because of a short animation on the Toy Story 3 Special Features in which he had a ‘Pixar Story’. It’s a great story which is just about his actual workspace within the Pixar Studios, it’s great because of the work ethic rather than the actual story, although it is pretty awesome.

Apologese about the quality, there’s no good video online of it. You should deffinatly check out the Special Features on Toy Story 3 if you like animation… inspirational.


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