Speaking to a Pixar hero.

I’ve been going a bit wild lately emailing a few people in the creative industry just trying to get a response, asking questions like how they like to work and get ideas. I’m really interested to see how people that are where I’d like to be like to do things! If I’m even going down the right route as to get there and if I’m missing out on anything I should really do.
I’ve already had some awesome replys by a few people but I was even more surprised when I emailed one of Pixar’s animators, Chris Chau, who’s worked on movies such as Sinbad, Flushed Away, Wall E and Up. To be honest I was pretty nervous about writing emails to guys like Chris because they’ve gone through so much and are at a level that I aim for. But, he was really nice and emailed the same day! He’s given some really inspirational words and just confirming things I’ve been doing and aiming for. Luckily I feel that some of my tutors have this work ethic and are building the same ideas within our minds, although this sounds really cheesie.

Here’s a podcast he did with another Pixar animator, Austin Madison, which again just made me feel much more comfortable with where I am right now but also made me realise how much I need to learn!!
Here’s a link, http://www.thepixarpodcast.com/28
It’s quite hefty in length but it’s really good for those who really do like/want to be in animation.

I came to realise as well that I don’t want to specifically want to work at Pixar (although that would be AMAZING), it’s more that I want to work somewhere with the same work ethic. The people that inspire you to make something better and you can always learn from… Cause you can never stop learning.

Here’s the reply, enjoy!


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