Talking with creatives

As I posted before I did send out a bunch of emails to a few creatives that work within the animation and illustration side of everything I really want to get into…
One said group of creatives actually replied which is amazing and exciting! It’s brilliant to know that people are willing to take a few minutes out of their busy schedules to reply to simple students like me.
Here’s what I wrote and the reply they had sent me, please ignore the spelling/grammar mistakes as I’m not good with writing (as most of you know and can tell). Oh and they’re Spanish so to be fair I was looking at that anyway!
I’m deffinatly going to be sending more their way as well as trying to talk to more people, but this is still a great step forward to just opening up to more of the sort of people out their….

This of course isn’t actually the first time I’ve spoken to someone in the creative industry like this and it’s happaned a few times but the most recent was Mike McKenny. He had helped me a lot with the critical and contextual studies side of the course, amazingly interesting stuff as well as also writing interesting pieces for Film & festivals.
Check out his blog here,
Or check out his articles on Film & Festivals website,


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