UV texture editing

A bit of cheeky UV texture editing.
I thought that this would be a really tough thing to get my head around but luckily it really is just like when you where in junior school making cubes from card. It’s simply a flat layout of your object/shape/character but it will build up to create a 3D object.
I actually got more use to the idea of this recently because of how Minecraft uses simple block shapes to form a character and you can create a characters ‘skin’ by using the UV texture layout provided.
But here’s how you do it and what I did…

First selecting the UV texture editing tool,

Getting my UV map and then placing it into photoshop as a .jpeg image.
Once I opened it I simply drew on it as I needed, so for Paul the penguin I just created the black fur? (actually had a conversation about whether a penguin has fur or hair or feathers? someone please tell me) and then the white part.

Placing the UV texture as a hypershade onto Paul,

Pretty much done!


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