I really like using hypershades now for some crazy reason. It seems dead easy and just nice to be able to play around with colour on things that I’ve made.
Here’s a few quick screen shots of me working on the hypershades and the order that I did them in…

Well, this one’s kind of the odd one out, it’s just a screen print of me playing with the hypershades and making a picture as a layer of ‘colour’. And a verrrry messy outliner… my bad, it’s all tidy now though!

Choosing a hypershade depending on the object/material you want.
Most common for me,
Lambert – more matt textured and platic.
Blinn – shiny, somewhat metallic.

Choosing the look and more details about the hypershade.

Linking a image file with the hypershade so that it comes out as an images eg. the floor.


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