Critical Chats! Reality & Immersion

This may not make complete sense to you, and it probably doesn’t help with the subject but I’ve been adding more posts about reality and immersion around other people’s comments around the subject on our critical chat/discussion board.


“After reading some of the other peoples posts I think that a lot of us have realised that games and virtual worlds infringe on what we perseeve (cant spell!) as to be ‘reality’. Interestingly this idea of what reality we are truly in is destroyed within todays games, here’s a quote by Baudrillard “The whole traditional model of causality is brought into question… the distinction between cause and effect, between active and passive, between subject and object, between ends and means.” (1983) The point, I think, he’s trying to put forward, and implications of this towards us creatives, is that within our postmodern society we are destroying a boundry between our ‘real world’ and a virtual one which people have created. By destroy this boundry within our minds of what is real and what is not it seems that people have a much greater freedom to ‘play’ with their own identity, much to that as one would do when creating a new character within a game. A game now lays out one’s options similar to that you may have in ‘real’ life, with the decisions you make affecting the game play as well as the finer details in what you wear, how you move, look and even react. One could say that within the world today a third-order simulacrum has taken over a large area of the creative and gaming world which we all must be aware of as people demand this world that provides something “that claims to be real, but has no actual link to reality”.
As Baudrillard states, “the generation by models of a real without origin or reality: a hyperreal” (1983)”

” Looking at Mary and Jeffs comments on Reality makes me, I know I’ve done this a lot but, think about Baurillard’s suggestions on hyperreality.
When you think about what they both speak about it seems as though it’s more to do with what we are sold rather than what we actually want within games. It’s all down to outside advertisements and mass media which are influencing our judgement and needs/wants.
I’m not sure if I’m fully right but if I re-call correctly I believe Baurillard commented on how the media is selling us a ‘new world’ and ‘new reality’ in which we lose ourselves and create new lives/ideals/beliefs built upon what we are told and sold.
Why get new phones? cause they’re cool, new, shiny, materialistic world…
Facebook – a world within itself one could say and it’s just selling us another idea/life style.”


“Games are no longer (just) another world in which we simply do what we wish or follow a narrative. I agree with Jade in that she says how narrative can lead to immersion, as I do also see narrative as an incredibly large factor. However, a greater look at other peoples studies into immersion and the other subjects we’ve looked at; simulation has become a much larger term in the case of gaming as they have now all become more like ‘simulations’ looking at ‘real’ life and taking points and ‘copying’ or ‘refering’ to things which are tangible and to us ‘real’. Immersion is no longer simply “focus taken in a game because it is darn good or addictive to play” (Steve) “portray themeselfs in another form, character or animated state apart form reality.” (Inonge) but a third-order simulacrum in which we are begining to lose our selves within, so immersion is not so much being addicted or just following a narrative, but ourselves truly letting go in a world which we are trying to escape from.
“we are in some sense immersing ourselves in the simulated world. Yet the simulated world deploys a representation as its fundamental interface; representation is our means of accessing the simulation of the rule-governed world.” (Dover and Kennedy 2006)
What are we really immersing our selves in?
“they are the essential cross roads of a redefinition of our relarion to the narrative world in images, prolonging what Godard had formulated.” (Higiguinen and Tesson cited in Wolf and Perron 2003)”

I apologise if I’ve gone off one and completely bored the hell out of you…
good day.


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