Some more crazy words about the world around us and looking at identity.
I think the best way I’ve written anything up about identity so far is what I had written on the critical chat, so here it is…

“Identity plays as liberation.” (Michael McKenny 2009)
A characters identity is formulated and situated in such a way that the viewer/player sees the character as their own persona, as one’s self or relating to that character.
To me there are not many female characters (mainly in games) that defies expectations and this is mainly due to not many female gamers as well as the area is taken up mainly by male creatives, although this is changing.

When relating identity to semiotics, interestingly semiotics itself is refered to as “a new humanism” (Algirdas Julien Greimas) which, to me, is a really intriguing thing to place it as. I agree, some what, with Ben in that it doesn’t seem to have much purpose as a word. To me it seems as though semiotics is something that only relates and groups ideals which people have created. It seems very limited, although to be fair I have limited knowledge within this area.
When I also looked into identity I’ve also actually been looking into cultural theory and popular culture, this is because it seems that identity is much more linked to the way people perseve other people and things around us. Much like the areas covered in reality, immersion and addiction, it is only affected by the way in which people see things to be or are told to see things. With identity the actual relationship between a viewer and a character is only built with what we are told and the way we are told to feel. That can be from what we relate with the character; the things we see him/her wearing, eating, using, tangible things, to the much less clear and abstract things such as emotions, reactions and moments.
So when looking into identity are we not just looking back into things such as simulacrum and what Baudrillard had stated about a replication or ‘copy’ of something real to create something not but still feels real. I think in the end you could see identity as building a character which people are able to relate to and link to. The idea of doing is so that people can feel for this character and build a much grander world than with something that is flat and ‘un-touchable’. It seems that when looking for a character that ‘defies expectations’ we are only looking for a character that can do something we cannot or someone/thing that does something we wish we could do. Defiying someones expectations is only something that allows one to keep a viewer interested through out an animation or game, giving that viewer hope gives interest.


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