So I’ve changed my idea slightly… It’s only because after a long discussion and watching some Pixar shorts I’ve kind of taken a similar tale to that of Pixar’s snow man short. It’s a fairly old one in which a snowman in a snow globe is pretty much trying to get out, but in vain.
So here’s a lot of work that went into making the globe, to be honest I had no idea what to do at first and well, it was pretty obvious.
Thankfully with alot, alot, of help from Steve, Matt and Jon I finally got this bad boy going properly…
So I have the image of the original globe I was working on which, turned out to be pretty wrong. Once I had gotten over the fact I had gotten a fair bit of building a bit wrong within maya, I got set straight and learnt alot about new materials and hypershades which made it much nicer.
The way to create the globe also was much more thought out this way with it being more realistic and working with the way vertex faces…. face? I’m not fully sure what that means but I think I get the jist…
At first I worked on the bases of just making the polygon transparant to make it seem like glass but by using mental rays it works much more nicer and gives a much better affect.


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