Its hard to make pussys move…

You thought wrong didn’t you…
Well I didn’t realise that it would be such a problem just to get a cat to walk across a screen but it seems as though it was harder than I thought!

Here’s a short video of my neighbours cat which I captured to try and get an idea of how a cat would walk casually. It’s actually really hard to find a simple video of a cat walking from a side on perspective! I know it’s not something people would usually look for so… atleast there’s one on youtube now!
Here’s a screenshot of where I tried using the bone tool on flash to try and creating a bending in the foot which failed. So after that I just did it frame by frame because it seemed a lot easier.

Funnily enough I didn’t actually realise that you could copy frames which, well, could have saved me countless minutes if not hours….
Sadly it took me half way threw the screen shot below to realise. DUH.


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