Lighting within Maya

Here are the procedures I had gone threw when we played with the lighting in maya upon an object…
With the lighting, it’s set out similar to that you would if you where producing a video footage. You need to think of it as a similar thing and use the three point lighting and remember all the things from filming real objects.
So when we where looking at lighting I was thinking about mise en scene and the 180 degree camera angle rule. These things determine the lighting and where best to put the lighting and which on to use.
As well as looking at the lighting we looked at creating new cameras for rendering, and then managing the render settings. We mainly used the spotlight for the lighting and then edited each of them ourselves in order to change them for our own preferences.
It was a fair bit to learn but we got threw ray tracing which is pretty much shadows, reflections and quite deep information about lighting. On this one it was most likely the biggest learning curve for me because of how much technical side of maya we had gone through, what was worse is that they’re all small things that make a big difference in the end. Luckily I’ve still got the tutorial if I ever want to go threw it again.


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