Creating Paul

Sadly I had started Paul off late and in the most incorrect way… gutted.
The pictures are pretty much self explanitory but here’s the first few anyway which are when I created a cube and then split in half in order to build half the penguin then just duplicate that half and use it on the other side too because Paul is symmetrical.

Once I got more of a rectangle shape and split it in half I had then instered some edge loops. In order to manipulate the shape by each point of vertex.

Here are the images of the failed attempt of the initial outline shape of Paul. It was way too blocky compared to the much more rounded shape of the actual toy so I had decided to scrap this version.

I then went off on a little spree and, with a lot of help, came around to making him using a simplified sphere. I had gotten quite a lot done and forgot to get screenprints on the way.
When trying to make the wing I also learned a little about the CV curve tool which looks like it has loads of potential but for now I would keep with the wings I had made without it. I’d made the wings from cubes which I had just streched and flattaned and then, adding edge loops, I just manipulated the shape so it was similar to a wing.

The last three images are where Paul is at the moment where I had started again with the shape and went on my way with creating the winding thing(?) on his back and his wings, next is going to be the flippers and then the beak and then eyes!


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