Sanjay Patel, Pixar Animator

“Spark catches up with Pixar animator Sanjay Patel on the occasion of the Oakland Museum of California exhibit Pixar: 25 Years of Animation, which runs from July 31, 2010 to January 9, 2011. A Spark production for This Week in Northern California. For more information, go to:

Another animator from Pixar. Everything about Pixar seems to just be getting better and better. I really love the work ethic that Pixar has picked up with them creating this enviroment that doesn’t seem like work. Although Pixar is pretty much an incredibly large company it allows it’s employees to work on their own practice as well as doing what they need to do for Pixar. There ‘offices’ or ‘creative work areas’ as they are probably better named, are very free and easy going as well as allowing the creative to make that room into whatever sort of enviroment they want and make the room creative.
They even have extra classes and areas in which the artists are able to explore various forms of art further whether they want to do some sculpting to life drawing, whether no matter what they specialise in.

Sanjay Patel’s work is that lovely simple style of drawing but with a lot of character and personal style coming threw. It’s a great example of pretty much everything I just said and how he’s able to develop his own work within having to work for Pixar and keeping to his ‘roots’, which is something I really want to relay in my own work method.


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