Retro handheld games!

Really cool little website with a set of classic handle held games which you can also play!
Kind of distracting but that’s not the point…
It’s interesting how the old school games are still incredibly popular and how people still want to play these games even though we have gotten so far in gaming now. Perhaps the closeness with the ‘uncanny valley’ is making people really think more about the gameplay rather than what the graphics are, which some people seem to have forgotten.
Bit of a small link with my article I’m having to write up for Critical and Contextual Studies in which I’m going to look at ‘does a creative and/or character design effect the success of a game.’ Some how these games had to capture the attention of an audience with limited graphics and narrative due to the size of narrative and graphics they could fit into a game earlier. So they had to create much more grabbing narrative and think about the characters that little more without the graphics pushing the gamer into another reality (working on the lines of the uncanny valley and hyperreality). It’s great to see how immersive but simple these games are and it really make’s me think about what it really takes to create a game and how they can last forever.


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