Finger’s crossed!

I have just sent out a few emails to various artists and companies that I’ve been blogging about just to ask if they could fill me in on how they create their amazing pieces of art.
Looking at what makes them tick, the tools they use and methods of getting around things are what, I believe, I should learn to develop myself as a creative further. Just by meeting different creatives and talking to them and learning the most simplest of things has been the most effective for me and the people I ahve emailed at the people I aim to be like, somewhat.
I’m not too good with words though so hopefully I don’t sound like a complete tool and they do get back to me whether it has information or not. I guess I’d best stop going “how’d they do that?!” and just ask! Hopefully though they won’t think I’m being too nosey or they think I’m trying to steal anything from them… that would be bad. I will deffinatly be shouting out if I get a reply though but I might not let the secrets out!


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