Chris Chua, Pixar Animator

Another Pixar animator!
I just keep finding these guys on Twitter and just can’t get enough!

I love this guys work, I think his sketches alone show so much, some people may not like them but they carry loads of character and his drawings of people are just spot on. I really don’t understand how people are able to capture the correct proportions and then characterise people as they draw them from life.

Check out his work from his blog,

He also writes a little about the Bafta that Toy Story 3 got which was well deserved.

Here’s his blog with his animations on but the two below are my favourites which I’ve also taken off of his Youtube account.

I really like how he’s thought about his ‘roots’ as well and used that old chinese painting style in one of his animations. I love the style of both of them and the fact he’s created them using the traditional single cell animation which I must look into in my free time.


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