Who knew cat’s were hard to animate?!

Whilst trying to get all this lovely work done, I’ve realised that cat’s walk the most simplest yet craziet ways ever…
You would think that the cat’s walk cycle would be pretty easy but it’s not turing out to be that way at all.
It’s kind of strange when animating it because everyone’s seen a cat and everyone knows how a cat walks, but creating a walkcycle for a cat is totally different. I’m finding it really hard to get the right aesthetics when animating my cat, it never seems to be quite right or smooth. I’ve looked around online and it seems as though a lot of people are also having trouble getting the right look for a walking cat. I think the real trick with getting it as close to a real cat as possible is the movement/swing of its paw and upper arms when moving as well as the way the shoulder blades move. Maybe I’ve blown it out of proportion or just got it wrong but I’m just finding it a little difficult.
Hopefully it’ll become a lot easier and I’m going to try lots more of these later in my own free time.
Here’s some sketches/quick doodles to get a general idea of a cat’s walkcycle.


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