Leeds Visual Arts Festival 2011

Yes people of Leeds we have a Visual Arts Festival! Yey!
This year I thought it would be a brilliant idea to try and volunteer helping out at the event which happens in July.

“This festival will unite our community in the celebration of the arts in all their forms: music, comedy, dance, classic and contemporary performance. We want this festival to highlight the up and coming arts scene in Leeds but also to bring artists together from all over the country – putting Leeds on the map.”

It’s a great little idea and it’s nice to know that people are actually trying to get more of Leeds out there because there’s so much here that people don’t realise with great music, art and everything creative. SHAME.
I’ll be off to the meeting on Tues they are having trying to get volunteers and such and just to get more of an idea on what they’re planning.

Interestingly they’re looking for help in more than just showing people around but marketing and admin stuff which could be really interesting and a great learning curve.
Here’s their facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/what.is.artUK?sk=wall


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