Flash Polygon Progress!

Pretty self explanitory, my use of bone tool, onion skin and just correcting things on flash.
I see how people can find this very tedious and the bone tool is very sketchy in that it doesn’t always do what you want but I think I’ve really gotten a hang of it now and I like playing with all it’s little features.
Deffinatly going to try and get some more animation work done in the holidays and see how I can progress in a short time.
The onion skin is amazingly handy and just a brilliant key feature, it came in handy countless times although it did confuse me when it seemed as if my ‘boned up’ shape seemed to have disapeared and such but that’s just how it looks!
I really like the look of flash and it’s layout as well with the cells and tools that there is to offer, the tweens just look cool really…


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