A.N.D. Project

This is a really cool cheeky little project that has been set up to show events for creatives all around the world and let you know what’s going on where and when. It’s not completely full will every event, which would be almost impossible I guess, but it’s nice to know what’s going on around the world. It only looks at the capitol cities within UK, America, Japan and so on but hopefully they might spread out into larger cities too…
Here’s their description of what they’re all about,

“A.N.D is an interactive guide for people leading the way in contemporary design, photography, architecture, new technologies and human thought. Woody Allen once noted that 80% of success is showing up. We give you the other 20%: the right places, people and events.

On top of that, A.N.D is an online magazine offering a fresh twist on the industry for today’s leaders and creative professionals. Day in and day out we work tirelessly to create a clear picture of what’s happening on our turf and keep an eye out for progressive trends in the industry’s future.

Finally, A.N.D is an international creative cities club with its headquarters in Moscow. Check to see if your city is on the list. If not, get ready to hit the road.”

I quite like the design of the website as well.

Here’s the website,


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