Pixar’s 25 years…

I don’t care that this one short burst of Pixar’s movies almost made me well up! I’m some what worried to say that I’ve never had a sad emotion for any movie, when I say that I mean I’ve never ‘welled’ up or shed a tear which is kind of strange.
But this one has almost pretty much done it! This short made by one Youtuber (NkMcdonalds) has made a very well edited short which contains pretty much every Pixar animated movie as well as animated shorts over it’s 25 years of productions.
All I can say is amazing, the work by Pixar is truly inspiring and breath taking with both its narrative and visuals. I only hope that one day I can take as much care and passion into creating these sorts of stories and affecting so many people in a similar way.
What I like about this video though is that Pixar’s Twitter had actually posted this, which is nice to know that Pixar like to know what us as the public do and think about their animations and support this just like they did with Pogo.

Just watch it already!!


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