Just had an idea when I fell asleep whilst doing my work…. I don’t do it all the time….
Luckily I did remember what I had day dreamed? about and the images I started to come up with.
I’ve decided on a style of drawing the faces that I like! It’s a bit of mixture from a few peoples styles that you could most likely tell if you look around my blog.
But here’s a very quick rough watercolour style image I drew up of the sort of look I’m going for as well as the third time using Corel Painter!
I’m really starting to like the style it gives off when you produce an image.

The only issue that I have is that, it appears as though the watercolours and these ‘wet’ layers are going to become a problem…. I still have no idea how to work them properly so this image is actually a print screen because it wouldn’t let me export or save it with the painted layers on apart from the underlying skin tone which is really confusing… So if someone knows why then let me know please!


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