Japan’s Game Industry…

As so many people know, Japan hasn’t had the greatest last few days…
I don’t think there’s any need to go threw all the information as to what’s happened/happening within Japan as so many people will be hearing about it constantly already. But what I wanted to just note was the actual impact on the game’s industry within only a few days after the disaster.

With the disaster having hit Japan very hard and the Tokyo Stock Exchange had a selloff which wiped out some ¥23.5 trillion. That for us would equal to around £185.32 billion which is just ridiculous… From information which I read about previously roughly ¥4 trillion were lost within the games industry which is equal to around £31.54 billion.

Information on some of the hardware/stockloss within Japan was also published with,

– Sony has closed six plants in Fukushima Miyazaki. Those plants were responsible were creating Blu-ray discs.

– More than 12,000 PS3’s and 5,600+ Xbox 360’s have been washed away.

– All game events in Japan are canceled for now. Events for games such as BlazBlue, Yakuza of the End, Dead or Alive, Monster Hunter 3 and many more.

– Motor Storm: Apocalypse has been delayed due to the fact that the game contains earthquake scenes, which at the moment is a extremely sensitive issue to many.

– Final Fantasy XI and XIV servers are offline in Japan.

– Konami’s Metal Gear servers are offline as they hope to reduce and save electricity.

– Many game and anime studios will temporary stop production, due to a lot of damage.

This disaster in Japan has obviously affected the entire gaming industry through out the world and creative industry. This may not have a giant affect upon us over here at the moment, for people who may be trying to and getting into this industry but it will deffinatly affect the way things will be moving towards with a large amount of work, games and business from Japan.
Luckily however the games industry has not lost any faith and has already began to try and pick itself back up from what has happaned…
With game creators all over Japan joining together in order to help ‘re-build’ Japan by donating and doing more individual but not exactly small things in order to save energy and cope with the current situations.

Some of the larger games compaines that Japan pretty much gave birth too are beginning to donate with some of the amounts and companies being,
* Nintendo (£2.26 million)
* Sony (£2.26 million and 30,000 radios)
* SEGA Sammy (£1.52 million)
* Namco Bandai (£761,987.36 million)
* Tecmo (£76,260.15)

If you want to no more about what’s going on with the reactions from the gaming companies around Japan’s distaster check out,


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