Popping my Corel Painter & Recording cherry!

In short I’ve never used Corel Painter till tonight, I have had it awhile but never tried it out, and I’ve never recorded myself doing anything…
So here’s two things at once!
I’m now an expert at procrastinating, here’s my first ever attempt at Corel painter and then my second go which happened to be the one i recorded.

Please let me know what you all think good or bad, I need to figure out how it works too if anyones got some useful tips or tricks.
It’s actually a lot of fun to use and it seems a lot more sensitive than Photoshop, I think there’s a ton of potential if only I knew how to use it properly!

Obviously it isn’t from the beginning because I didn’t think of recording it at first but the video’s here too for you to check out!

Took waaaaay too long to upload this… hopefully I’ll learn how to do it quicker next time…


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