F***ing Flash!!

To put it in a polite term, Flash has truly confused me and destroyed me… inside.
It’s a brilliant tool don’t get me wrong and I have no problems with using it or create animations within it BUT… and that’s a fairly big but… when it comes to exporting the final flash animation and the bone tool, it doesn’t half mess you around.
I’ve already mentioned previously about what happens with the bone tool and how I had sorted it out, with the simple procedure of exporting it however problems occur with mine.

‘Artifacts’ are left of the animation where a shape or object has been which leaves the outline of that said shape.

Here’s all the failed attempts which we had gone threw today to try and find a way around this issue…

I’m still completely stuck on how to get around this although we had figured out a way last time which had stopped this from happaning but it didn’t work for me this time.
Before the procdure that I had gone threw to stop this from happening was to go to File > Publish Settings… > Script, ActionScript 3 > Settings > Advanced ActionScript 3.0 settings > Library Path > and changed the Default Linkage to ‘Merged into code’.

This did work before but it doesn’t now… So if any one has a nice easy way of fixing this or even a handy little trick around this issue, letting me know would be great!
Maybe this even helped someone else out, if so, I’m glad.
I still like flash though…


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