Panda Hat!

Other than dying slowly inside I’ve just been working on things for friends and some odd pieces, just trying to get back into drawing and doing things in general!
I haven’t been on a good streak for awhile now but still enjoying coming up with things for these guys…
They had a great gig on Saturday which has got them a headlining one at Cockpit some time June I believe.

Here’s a quick picture collage I popped together from the images I took awhile back on my fish eye Lomo, with a bit of that windy text I seem to keep doing.

This one was a pretty quick one too for their EP, but more because it was close to when it needed to be really done by but still didn’t turn out too bad. I would have loved to add some colour and stuff but I know it would have been too much, maybe next time though!

Here’s something I really need to get going. Just playing around with using references of images and just using photoshop, going to (hopefully) draw all four of the fellas in photoshop then… I’ll get round to that. Here’s our Christian for now anyway!

If you have time check out their myspace for the music, they’re also on facebook and twitter.


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