Headless Studio

Actually found this on Guy Mckinley’s Tumblr account whilst looking at his amazing art work…
http://guymckinley.tumblr.com/ If you haven’t you MUST check out his work, it’s beautiful.

But here’s some more beauty!
Headless Studio is a very small animation studio based in Barcelona. I just thought I’d check out their show reel and was blown away.
I love their character design, enviroments and the flow of the animation is amazing. I’d love to be able to create this sort of high standard of work as well as coming up with these beautiful designs. All the detail from the actual animation to the colour pallet of the animations work seemlessly (not sure if that’s even the correct spelling/a word).
It’s something you must check out for yourselves, hopefully there will be more coming out of these guys in the near future.
Also another reason why I want to check out Barcelona!!

Headless studio reel 2010 from Headless Productions on Vimeo.


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