I haven’t put much about my actual animation up for awhile so here’s the illustrator work I’ve done for my mouse which I’m going to/am animating.
I just realised also that in flash you can draw straight into it creating some much more easier animation’s, or atleast for myself… I know it’s something I should have realised awhile back but I never really thought about using it!!

I also had a fun issue with flash and it’s bone tool…
When I had done a fair amount of work at home then opened it at college it decided it didn’t like my vectored mouse. It had deleted the fella but kept the bone structure I had created there… No one seems to know why it does this and it’s just one of those flash ‘bugs’ BUT I did realise, if you delete that cell of animation then undo the delete the image will just appear back.

I’m guessing though that it only works if you have saved the image in your library as a _mv file. which I do when putting a bone tool on.

Anyway… Mousey!


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