Mangwaaaa, Manga and Anime!

For this part of contextual studies we had to look at a text which talked about Japonisme and look at how this extends to Anime. Here are the summaries of the points that where made within the reference text.

1. Manga is seen as the eastern’s version of the western’s comic books.

2. These have a much more heavier influence to the Japanese when comparing them to the impact that comic books do on the western culture.

3. It’s diversity with stories and genres ensure a wide range of readers.

4. Manga is able to constantly change and diverage in order to progress a story unlike most popular western style comic books.

5. A prime example of this would be the work of Hayao Miyazaki whose work never falls into one genre or film type.

6. It was first seen to only be made up of violence, gore and pornography.

7. The ‘west’ has now little by little exposures of manga and anime which has now destroyed that original view.

8. This has been due to people like Miyazaki and how he has created anime that go against these pre-concieved ideas as well as producing films that cannot be labelled or catergorised easily.

9. Most anime have been taken from or heavily influenced by manga.

10. These eastern styles are now heavily influencing the eastern styles of animation, film and other media.

11. For modern anime, they are drawn on a comptuer then placed into 3D software.


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