After reading p306-312 on Ryan (2001) Narrative as Virtual Reality, Immersion and Interactivity in Literacture and Electronic Media, here’s the points that I had made about the text.

The points that where made in the text have very clear and agreeable points. I believe that the majority of people that are more immeresed within the gaming world are mainly people seeking another side to life, or a virtual world. A lot of people would be questinable and most likely say that they play games to seek enjoyment but to what point of this are they doing it for. What I mean by saying this is that, are they doing it to get away from something or is it because it’s more fun that their current situations in life. These decisions could be made both consciously or subconsciously. Games these days are more and more being made to allow a player to create a life that has no risks or limits, where someone can be ‘free’; to create a second life perhaps better than our own.
Although the text comments on a large area of gaming and immersion I believe that it’s main points are about the user wanting to create a new life or world; to create an interactivity with the gamer and make them believe that they achieve something by creating these games, making them feel confident and wise. It also seems to me that passion is put across through out the text, although not the word itself but more underlining the thought on immersion. To me you could say that immersion is passion; and that desire you have from doing whatever it is you want to do, with the drive to win, create or even destory. That passion runs threw into complete immersion into a gaming enviroment that seems so realistic, you don’t even know where the gaming world ends.


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