Stop Motion Animation

I love these two stop motion animations, they work really well and play with angles really nicely.
They’re not so original anymore but at the time they where! Honest.
I’m not quite sure what sort of stop motion they would exactly fit into, but to myself it would seem as if they mix between time lapse stop motion and object stop motion. I guess you could say the Oren Lavie video mixes with model and puppet animation as well with the different materials they use within the video but it seems to fit better with object stop motion.
I’m deffinatly going to try and do something similar to these guys as they are amazing videos and fit really well with the music that they where made for. They’re a lot of fun and brimming with creativity, I like the play on the actual objects with Oren Lavie’s video and then the use of chalk and the street in Cold Play’s. They’re hard to explain and say why I like them so much other than the finished look and method that they used. It’s just going to have to be something you need to see for yourselves.


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