There’s tons of new ways of animation and the use of games in all forms.
I guess most people know what machinima is these days, or atleast seen it but not known that the new form of ‘animation’ is named Machinima. To be perfectly honest I’m not quite sure what this form of film would fall into… in my head it seems as though it should be animation. You are, after all, moving a 3D model that you may have created or you are ‘modding’ in order to manipulate and move to create a narrative.
Either way one of my most favourite machinima animations is Red Vs Blue. These guys are really well known now but they where one of the original groups that had began to create machinima and made it what it is today.

Interestingly enough even Bungie (one of the main gaming companys whom created the main Halo games) have shown their respect for these guys within an easter egg in the game in which you can get into a room, after flying around and pressing some hidden buttons; where it’s like a small museum dedicated to the big names and pioneers that have created things like machinima and other fan based media.

Here’s a new one for you guys. I know there’s tons of videos I could have chosen to look at with Red Vs Blue because there’s been a massive increase in amature film making in terms of machinima with so many people having the accesability to such software and with things like ‘Theatre’ within Halo allowing people to record games and play them back.
But this one just made my week. Minecraft has really hit a high recently with increasing sales and a crazy growth in players and awareness. Interestingly enough Notch the create of Minecraft has never placed any money into advertising this game, and it’s come just from word of mouth and virals.
This sandbox game is prime for machinima and all sorts of crazy wonderful things…
Here’s a lovely music video using some mods and such things. He created some of the characters and simply placed them back into the enviroment.
It’s a great team effort and mix of the actual game and created parts, the main bit I’m focusing on is the animatics by ‘Captain Sparkles’ but the song is still brilliant and halarious.


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