Maya is with a doubt the thing I worry most about on this course. It’s a scary world is 3D modelling but here are some of the notes I took down when we began to get introduced to Maya.
I guess it’s one of those things I need to just keep going at but it’s still crazy.


One thought on “MAYA-AAAAH!

  1. Hmmmmm.
    A ploygon is a shape with a number of verticies, you’ve drawn more an object/mesh/primative there. Triange, square, pent etc. They are or are made up of faces which will always be tri’s for games as anything else can end up non planar (geometrically impossible without breaking it down further).

    NURBS is one method to describe a surface with an equation. Always polygons for games isn’t correct, they are actually often used in games, usually level design or statics, the LOD (LevelOfDetail) calcs break them down into tri-meshes either at runtime or more often to several different versions for use at different distances when the level loads. It’s more popular in animation as theres no realtime requirement (it gives total scalability).

    Are you using a real computer for this or have the art school numptys got you using a mac?

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