Now the Visual Language module is done with… it’s time for some animation to get going!
Here is a look at Pingu for two reasons; one reason is because Pingu is awesome sauce and a great example of one form of animation which is claymation, within stop motion animation, I’ll be putting more information about the different types of animation up later and things around that. But the main reason is because I am creating an animation around a penguin and this penguin of mine is going to be made in maya.
I need to create a narrative for the little guy and then animate him after creating him on maya. Pingu has a really interesting way of moving and reacting to things around him and I love that playfulness that the character has as well as the various ways that they have made him move, squish, slide and bounce. They have a really interesting use of the principles of animation as well as working out what they can and can’t do from very simple shapes and narrative.


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