Zachary Character Sheet

Seeing as you know what he looks like I guess you can know more about Zachary.

From the presentation I created for him you already know,
He was born from unknown origins, found by a fish named Iestyn, he raised and took care of Zachary. Iestyn had taught Zachary how to use the ‘staff of straw’ which had been an ancient relic passed down from generation to generation. Mysterious and not known where it comes from, possessors are chosen by the staff where ever it may appear and it disappears and re-appears threw out time. Iestyn disappears without a trace and Zachary is left to fend for himself just before all of Zachary’s training and is left to fend for himself. Trying to find out what happened to Iestyn whilst looking for a family, Zachary travels, only to find trouble and be followed for the staff of straw.
Misunderstood and now an outcast, Zachary just tries to get by and uses the staff when needed.

The staff he poses uses a strange power which when used to suck up cirrus clouds it creates special powers and abilities to the user. For Zachary it causes the fish to split up into small particles of even small fish clouds which move around freely and seperatly for a certain period of time before re-joining and once again becoming Zachary. This idea comes from the make up both fish and clouds and how clouds are made up small particles as well as fish being made up small scales.
Zachary’s appearance is due to his special upbringing and circumstances. Not quite known where he came from his looks where developed due to people misunderstanding him and seeing as being ‘the odd one out’ no one wanted Zachary around or even liked him, so he was use to being alone apart from having Iestyn.

In terms of goals, he mainly aims to once again find Iestyn and find out what had happaned to him. However as he travels he develops a longing to grow and reach further and further up into the sky as he splits himself up into the fish clouds. Some say the fish clouds split up his personality and taking each segment alone they begin to develop further and cause him to realise things he had never even noticed.


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