Photography once more

These six images are the final images that I decided where best from the two sessions we had in the photography studio. I really like these photos for a few different reasons. Mainly just because of the playful side of them and the simplicity of the images. Each one does play with depth of field once again and I tried to use the skills we where taught that day within these images just to make more use of what we had.
Half of the images where shot on my Nikon D80 and the other half on the College’s Canon E0S 400D.

The first image is playing with the manual focus but also looking at how the white balance can be used to affect the image in a different way and I liked how changing the white balance to flourescent.

The image below pretty much burnt my hand off. I had gotten really close to the light with the pins and tried to hone in on the detail on the pins. This turned out really hard considering the fact I was trying to both juggle the camera and not burning my hand but that’s my own fault. I really like how much the camera was actually able to capture.

This image had taken more than I had ever expected… setting the camera to the highest apeture I had to then focus the image to about three quaters from the foreground to the person in the background who I want to merge together as if the same size. Once I had focused the camera three quarters of the way down I had to then take the image and hope for the best but it took a lot more tries than I expected and it takes a lot more setting up.

Keeping the ISO at around 100, I had set the camera up to have a long shutter speed with a small apeture in order to try and capture the movement as a blur rather than a solid outline.

We had set the light box to be above the laid out area which created this glow from above. I had then simply stepped back and taken an image of Danny’s toy which he brought in to take images of. Because of the lighting and the lens on the camera, it had created this circular line of light around the image which I really like and focuses the character in the middle.

This was just a fun play where everyone began to put in their objects and toys and just took a bunch of photos where the light box was still set up above the set where it again creates this dark circle as well as making the background seem endless with the light being placed above and not creating a shine or shadow from canvas or toys.


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