Presentation Skillz

As we had to create a powerpoint presentation I used a few key points that I have learnt over time and doing a ‘good’ presentation and things you must and mustn’t do in powerpoints!

– Get to the point! First few slides, get out what you are going to be talking about. Keep it simple and build upon it.

– Keep It Simple! You can’t blab on to you’re audience as well as having way too much writing or imagery on a slide. Don’t be playing around with the background… Just make it simple but still enticing and keep it consistant. You don’t want to distract you’re audience for what you are saying with animations or too many images, spread things out and just place in what you need.

– Don’t go crazy with the colours! You may like colours but you don’t want to use the entire rainbow, keep colours schemes relevant to the slide show and consistant. You should specially becareful when using colour and font, you want something that contrasts against the background, not hide or send someone into a crazy head swirl.

– Fonts! You want people to be able to read what points you have put down, so think about the size as well as the type. Once again keep the font stlye relevant, simple and consistant.

– Spell check! Don’t forget to check you’re spelling and grammar, I always fall at this hurdle, I’m pretty sure I’ve failed in all my posts including this one in terms of grammer and spelling but it’s just one of those thing’s you need to check.

So over all when you think about layout and what you need to check,
– Outline
– Slide Structure
– Font
– Colour
– Background
– Spelling and Grammar
– Conclusion
– Questions



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