It may have taken longer than originally planned… but hey!
Here’s the amazing and fantastic little environment I had made for Rosie within Halo’s Forge world. I had only created the room that Rosie stays/lives within although I had to alter a few things because of the limitations that the forge world has such as the amount of walls you can place into one world. Its a lot more tricky in terms of trying to make everything fit and getting it right, its incredibly tricky and the other issue I had was the texture which was not exactly the sort of images I wanted but… it will have to do.
The scale isn’t exact as well due to Halo’s very own pre-made structures and objects, so it was hard to find the right object to place in; however I could say I know most of the shapes and objects that you can get out of Forge!
There are a few odd little funny bits and bobs we added simply to add more too the environment and just for a good time! I think that everything still fits though and you can tell what the things are meant to be in the environment.
A massive thanks to James for helping me out on this one!

Please note the gravity lift inside the toilet just for some help in elevation as well as the use of gravity lifts to show water, Jame’s ingenious idea.


If you ever want to know my gamertag or anything Halo and me related here’s my game info. hope its satisfactory!


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