Photos Photos Photos!

I’m not quite sure why I never got round to posting these earlier, however, these are some of the images from when we had an induction into the lighting in the photography studio.
Is it was a pretty fun day all round, this time I actually remembered to bring my own little object and just tried playing with the lights, shutter speed and ISO on my camera. Most of the images where just tests and getting to play with the lights and studio as much as possible in the time we had. Some of the images obviously turned out better than some of the other ones, but I put some more progression images in where at first you see the change in light and there is a mix of where the lighting changes due to me physically moving the lights we had and then changing the light setting on my camera.
It was interesting to how much the camera actually changed the images and I realised there’s a lot more to manually setting a camera up for certain images than I had ever expected. These are my most favourite however more because of the colours that you get from the images, the sharpness of each image and the play that I had with depth of field and composition; they all kind of rolled together and created some fun images.
The ones at the end just give you more of an idea what the studio was like and where/what the lights where, and just a bit of fun really!

Apologese to Coral, Inonge, Mary, Zoe Freddie & Ben for putting photo’s of yourselves up but… you love it.


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