Pin Up Hero

Gil Elvgren is a legend within the pin-up artist world, born in 1914 and passed away in 1980, he was an american painter of pin ups, illustrations and advertising. A lot of people have most likely seen his work even within the art world today as well as cultural objects. His images are iconic and incredibly well done, I love the art work he had produced because of the intense realism and ability to capture the people he drew with a lot of detail, fun and finesse.
His book of art work simply named with his own name ‘Gil Elvgren’ includes all his paintings as well as the development he had gone through to create the paintings. With sketches and reference images next to the final painting, it’s amazing to see his ability to get the proportions and individuality of the person within each painting which I always have a problem with. Some people may see the images as ‘raunchy’ or rude but I think there’s more to the paintings and images than just some girl doing a pose, it’s the ability to capture a moment, emotion and realism in a painting that a lot of people can’t put down. You can tell that he had really cared for each painting and the composition for the images are always thought out and played with. I’d love to be able to capture the sort of playfulness that Gil Elvgren has been able to get as well as the realism with the proportions and look of each person but I guess that’s just something that comes along with practice… better get my little sketchbook out and do some live drawing then!

If you get a chance you should check out his book or if you want here’s a link to a website with a few of his pieces on.


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