Brown Bread Films

Me and Steve took a little bit of time out to check out a local film company who had previously been at Leeds College Of Art. I have got an earlier post about one of their pieces of work but here is a link to their showreel on vimeo anyway.


We wanted to speak to them just about the methods and procedures they go threw to create the work they do, as well as just a good old ‘chin wag’.
The images at the bottom are of the large studio they are currently using with an office behind us where we had taken the photos. They’re currently busy begining to build a set for a short film as well as, hopefully, a music video. The project is going to cost around £1000 to build, film and then edit which Rob, from Brown Bread Films, had told us is a very fair price in this sort of industry. We luckily caught them at a not too busy time and was able to ask a few questions and have a general talk about the way they had begun their journey into the film industry.
Hopefully we will be seeing a little bit more of Brown Bread Films and I intend to help out where ever I can. A massive thank you to all at Brown Bread Films for letting us wander around and spending some time to talk to us.


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