Almost real

Danil Polevoy creates some amazing and almost life like images that have been photoshopped, combining an early image or an older image with a more modern image or media item. Danil is from the Ukraine and has had many various influences within his work as well as being involved in several different mediums including animation. Having taken part in the Russian, Ukranian, German and Japanese animation festivals, he also has taken part in informative projects and taken photographs for bands and some international festivals.

His photography work is amazing with great attention to detail and composition, he plays a lot with the depth of field in the images as well as really thinking about an actual meaning and story around each one. They seem to really capture the attention of the viewer but in a suttle way that captures more of an emotion rather than a moment. The images that I have found however is something much more playful and fun by Danil.
These ‘illustrations’, as he places them under on his site, are quite seemless and in one or two cases you don’t actually realise what your looking at and the humor behind it due to the quality of the edit. This may be because of the colour and saturation of the image as sometimes its easier to do this form of editing when you don’t have colour to worry about. But the main idea and outcome is still amazing with a great sense of comicality, even though when looking threw some of his other work and his site he seems much more serious but one could say that is just passionate about what he produces images of.

The images just reminded me of one of the first parts of the visual language module, where we had to create a photo montage/collective of images that create another. It made me question what the purpose of the images are, why he creates these images and what they mean, the relationship between the past image and the much more recent image that he has merged within the old one; is there even a reason? Even if there isn’t in some of them, they are lovely images that pops a smile on my face, what more can you ask for?

If you got time please check out more of his work on his website


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