Pictures & Words….

Back to all those books I had taken out awhile back, I was mainly looking for artists for my the ‘creative industries’ side of the course, but with this small group of artists I’ve had some trouble deciding where to actually pop them. I keep thinking I was aiming to look at their work and how they portray their story and characters in this narrative, which is built in a similar way that you could build up an animation and you could say each scene in the comic strip is a new key frame. I really love the art work for each artist and their personal style’s and well… obviously the narrative as well, but the biggest trouble is is that it sits on that border of ‘creative industries’ and directly influincing me on my ‘visual language’ side of the course, which is where all my character designs and such are for.
The same sort of methods and devellopments, or atleast not as much depth of development in a character, may have happened for these artists but the idea of having to create a narrative and portray a character in these key frames is a similar thing to what I want to try and do. For Simone Lia for instance, I know that she likes to keep to her character Mr Chip and other such characters and create many different narratives from them. The humour and ‘cuteness’ from such a simple character is something that most people creating a character may aim for, and she utalises that aspect by keeping the entire image simple fitting the enviroment and situation, thinking about narrative again.
Although Tom Gauld does not keep to the same characters alot of the time, the characters he produces always have a unique flavour that one can spot from a mile away, which to me is a little bit more interesting than creating a whole new character itself. They all seem to be able to merge and flow together as if one giant happy family of characters that he can just pluck one or two from every now and again.
Barnaby Richards and Mr Clement also run along the same lines of just being able to create lovely simple characters that are able to put across a lot of narrative and builds a questionable and engaging enviroment. The simplicity and understanding of characters is something I really need to get a hang of in order to create some much more diverse but ‘to the point’ characters, which pretty much links straight in with my final brief for visual language, which is to create a character but it must be linked to two words from a group of words that we have been given… hopefully the begining of the development for that one will be up soon!


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