Another varient…

Christopher Uminga is an illustrator/painter New Haven, USA and creates amazing characters for both personal and professional use. The first images I found of Chris’ work was the superheroes varients that he had created in his wild and very personal style, which is lovely and bold as well as adding a whole new perspective on the character. The style in which he creates the images seem as thought they bring out the original aspects of the character as well as almost ‘dumbing’ it down to get to the true nit and grit of what the character is all about.
When you think of a good character you think of its visual impact and I like to think if you can make it simple but make it so that people still know exactly who the character is without even thinking about it, then you have one brilliant drawing right there. Chris’ iamges do this and I love the mix of media that he has used to create the images showing that not everything has to be done straight up on a computer these days although as you can see he has had a very good go at that too. Some really affective, strong images but ones that are still fun, humourous and playful.


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