Marvel Hero…

Looking into character design and illustrations, I would love to be able to create an drawing of a character that keep with proportions and finished off to high standard that you see in comic books and some illustrations today. Even though it’s further away and more ‘realistic’ than the usual more cartoony or anime illustrations and characters I produce, I can’t get enough of the more powerful and detailed images that illustrators such as J Scott Campbell produces.

Even though J Scott Campbell is likely to be most well known for his work for Marvel, I had actually accidentally stumbled across his work when I was just going threw some very odd websites. What I really like about Campbell’s work is the style that he has created for himself that he imbeds into each of his characters that give off a very defining and strong look that captures the attention of the viewer. To me he creates this style around the line work as well as the very sharp colours and shading that he uses to create the images; as well as looking very closely at the composition of the final image. He seems to know exactly what the audience wants from the characters he draws and pleases all areas visually with his personal interpretations of each character.
The thing I can’t get over with Campbell’s images though, is the actual proportions and link that he is able to create looking at each character in terms of a 3 dimensional aspect. Each curve and stance of the character is amazingly presented, even though it’s his own drawing style you know exactly what he was aiming for and who the actual image is of.


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